About Me

My name is Jens Fassbinder. I am a 70 years old man with more than 30 years of experience in the world of commercial aviation as a commercial pilot. In this blog, you will find a lot of information related to airplanes in general, such as the best airplanes, the best hours to fly, flight experiences and many other interesting things.

Being a commercial pilot carries numerous responsibilities because most people take flights. That means that you have to be responsible for numerous lives. That’s why you should know very well what you are doing and how you are doing it. To be a pilot you need a lot of study of all the controls and systems of a commercial or private plane.

During your tour on this page, you will also find information about the history of the flights, about how everything related to the air world began and the advantages and disadvantages of flying. I will also write about personal subjects, such as which are my favorite planes and some situations that I have lived while I was working.

These and many other things can be of great interest to people who are beginning in the world of aviation. They are also interesting to people who like this subject and to others who would like to have fun reading about how wonderful is the airplanes’ world.