3 Airplanes Which Changed the Course of Aviation

In the world there are certain things that set trends in all subjects, in this case, it is that of airplanes, there are many airplanes that were important to the history of the world, They either made important trips or were symbols for humanity.

All of these airplanes have been driven by pilots with great experience, which were famous or who made a great impact on the world of aviation.

These planes can be found around the world, some of them are destroyed, others are preserved in museums or private collections related to the world of aviation. These machines attract the attention of a lot of people, due to their age and historical importance.

Here we will show you a list 3 Airplanes which changed the course of aviation.

Wright 1905 Flyer

This was an important creation in the world of aviation because it was the first airplane to be created with success. In between 1903 and 1904 planes were tested, using the well-known method of trial and error. They were never 100% usable aircraft, at least not until 1905 when the first functional aircraft was created.

It was launched with a catapult and it had space for a pilot and a passenger. This plane is currently located in the museum of aviation in Dayton, Ohio, where it was restored with a beautiful appearance.

Blériot XI

This plane was created to make a flight through the channel of England. It was built by Louis Blériot, a French pilot, who had experience flying in aerostatic balloons.

This plane was important to the European aviation, because in 1909 when they added weapons to them, they used these airplanes in combats of certain wars. These airplanes have a great historical importance for England and Europe in general.


This was a plane created by the inventor and Brazilian pilot named Alberto Santos Dumont. There is a lot of controversy revolving this plane and its creator because according to some historians this was the first plane to successfully fly and not the Wright brothers’ one, who made their first flights in 1905.

This plane did not need any type of impulse since it had devices to make it fly. Its first flight was made in 1906 in Paris and it traveled 221 meters of distance, through the whole circuit of Paris.

It is said that this plane was the first one to fly because it didn’t need the use of any implement to properly work.

The before mentioned pilot had previously made flights in aerostatic balloons around Paris and Brazil, so he had some experience with flying and being in the air.

These airplanes had a great impact on the world of aviation. The roots of aviation rely on these creations, and thanks to them nowadays airplanes have the great technology they have.

There are other important aircraft but these were the most important ones, they were the beginning of the art of artificially flies. These inventors managed to realize machinery that could move people from one place to another, in a short time and through the air!