The 4 Most Luxurious Private Jets in the World

The world is full of people with a lot of money. They buy or ask for personalized aerial machines that are very impressive. Usually, they buy these to cover their transportation needs.

They are busy people who have many things to do, so they take the chance to use their time in the air to relax and have fun. These machines and all of their attractions and resources make them look like a house that flies through the air, with things as extravagant as a movie theater on a plane.

These aircraft are usually built by some manufacturers, is one of the most important ones the Bombardier and the Gulfstream. They are companies responsible for designing and manufacturing these beautiful and expensive air machines.

There are people with secret identities who have very expensive aircraft collections, such as airplanes without gravity and other futuristic planes. Here we will show you a list with the 4 most luxurious private jets in the world:

Embraer Legacy 500

It is one of the most “economic” costing approximately 20 million dollars, so it is not that affordable but it is not the most expensive one.

The cabin is made of wood and its seats are 100% natural leather, its floors are made of natural stone and the plane is also full of fine and beautiful carpets. It has a single aisle to avoid the traffic of passengers in it.

This airplane is one of the most popular among millionaires, it is known to be very comfortable to travel with family or to make work trips.

Gulfstream G500

This plane is one of the most common in the Gulfstream company and it worths about 44 million dollars, and this is one of the most economical that the company can offer. One of its advantages is that it is the newest model that the company offers, this assures you having more secure flights.

Some of the luxuries include cabins adapted to the needs of buyers and having internet, a service not many planes can offer, the best part is that is one of the fastest internets in the world, beating its competitors completely.

Gulfstream G650ER

It is one of the best airplanes that these manufacturers can offer, and they sell it for a price of 66.5 million dollars. It has an efficient fuel system which is able to make long trips without consuming a lot of fuel. This plane is able to can make full flights crossing all the Pacific Ocean.

It has luxurious bathrooms made with beautiful tiles, they are decorated in the best way possible, and all the devices in the cabin can be controlled by their owner through an app for smartphones.

Bombardier Global 7000

This plane is designed with a new system that helps you reach longer distances, its price is planned to be 73 million dollars and is already on sale, the cabin can be adapted as you wish, with even a great dining room, it can also be a cinema, besides having a large bedroom, which gives us a direct route from New York to Sydney.

All these planes help entrepreneurs to get from one place to another with a great comfort, being this a good investment for them.