3 Airplanes Which Changed the Course of Aviation

In the world there are certain things that set trends in all subjects, in this case, it is that of airplanes, there are many airplanes that were important to the history of the world, They either made important trips or were symbols for humanity.

All of these airplanes have been driven by pilots with great experience, which were famous or who made a great impact on the world of aviation.

These planes can be found around the world, some of them are destroyed, others are preserved in museums or private collections related to the world of aviation. These machines attract the attention of a lot of people, due to their age and historical importance.

Here we will show you a list 3 Airplanes which changed the course of aviation.

Wright 1905 Flyer

This was an important creation in the world of aviation because it was the first airplane to be created with success. In between 1903 and 1904 planes were tested, using the well-known method of trial and error. They were never 100% usable aircraft, at least not until 1905 when the first functional aircraft was created.

It was launched with a catapult and it had space for a pilot and a passenger. This plane is currently located in the museum of aviation in Dayton, Ohio, where it was restored with a beautiful appearance.

Blériot XI

This plane was created to make a flight through the channel of England. It was built by Louis Blériot, a French pilot, who had experience flying in aerostatic balloons.

This plane was important to the European aviation, because in 1909 when they added weapons to them, they used these airplanes in combats of certain wars. These airplanes have a great historical importance for England and Europe in general.


This was a plane created by the inventor and Brazilian pilot named Alberto Santos Dumont. There is a lot of controversy revolving this plane and its creator because according to some historians this was the first plane to successfully fly and not the Wright brothers’ one, who made their first flights in 1905.

This plane did not need any type of impulse since it had devices to make it fly. Its first flight was made in 1906 in Paris and it traveled 221 meters of distance, through the whole circuit of Paris.

It is said that this plane was the first one to fly because it didn’t need the use of any implement to properly work.

The before mentioned pilot had previously made flights in aerostatic balloons around Paris and Brazil, so he had some experience with flying and being in the air.

These airplanes had a great impact on the world of aviation. The roots of aviation rely on these creations, and thanks to them nowadays airplanes have the great technology they have.

There are other important aircraft but these were the most important ones, they were the beginning of the art of artificially flies. These inventors managed to realize machinery that could move people from one place to another, in a short time and through the air!…

The 4 Most Luxurious Private Jets in the World

The world is full of people with a lot of money. They buy or ask for personalized aerial machines that are very impressive. Usually, they buy these to cover their transportation needs.

They are busy people who have many things to do, so they take the chance to use their time in the air to relax and have fun. These machines and all of their attractions and resources make them look like a house that flies through the air, with things as extravagant as a movie theater on a plane.

These aircraft are usually built by some manufacturers, is one of the most important ones the Bombardier and the Gulfstream. They are companies responsible for designing and manufacturing these beautiful and expensive air machines.

There are people with secret identities who have very expensive aircraft collections, such as airplanes without gravity and other futuristic planes. Here we will show you a list with the 4 most luxurious private jets in the world:

Embraer Legacy 500

It is one of the most “economic” costing approximately 20 million dollars, so it is not that affordable but it is not the most expensive one.

The cabin is made of wood and its seats are 100% natural leather, its floors are made of natural stone and the plane is also full of fine and beautiful carpets. It has a single aisle to avoid the traffic of passengers in it.

This airplane is one of the most popular among millionaires, it is known to be very comfortable to travel with family or to make work trips.

Gulfstream G500

This plane is one of the most common in the Gulfstream company and it worths about 44 million dollars, and this is one of the most economical that the company can offer. One of its advantages is that it is the newest model that the company offers, this assures you having more secure flights.

Some of the luxuries include cabins adapted to the needs of buyers and having internet, a service not many planes can offer, the best part is that is one of the fastest internets in the world, beating its competitors completely.

Gulfstream G650ER

It is one of the best airplanes that these manufacturers can offer, and they sell it for a price of 66.5 million dollars. It has an efficient fuel system which is able to make long trips without consuming a lot of fuel. This plane is able to can make full flights crossing all the Pacific Ocean.

It has luxurious bathrooms made with beautiful tiles, they are decorated in the best way possible, and all the devices in the cabin can be controlled by their owner through an app for smartphones.

Bombardier Global 7000

This plane is designed with a new system that helps you reach longer distances, its price is planned to be 73 million dollars and is already on sale, the cabin can be adapted as you wish, with even a great dining room, it can also be a cinema, besides having a large bedroom, which gives us a direct route from New York to Sydney.

All these planes help entrepreneurs to get from one place to another with a great comfort, being this a good investment for them.…

Flying Between Enemy Fire – How Much Did World Wars Affect Aviation Technology?

Many wars have happened in the world throughout the years. These wars have affected the world for a long time. They brought a lot of problems to the countries where they occurred, and that’s something wars usually do from economic and social to legal and political problems.

But despite all of this, they have also lead to many advances, some of them related to the world of aviation. These advances have really changed the way we travel through the air. These advances might have happened during the World War I and the World War II, or in between. Here is a list of some things present in wars that affected aviation.

The Air Combat Begins

Before World War I, there was no aerial combat, the fight was done only by land or sea, but not air. This caused the death of many soldiers, so the expected results were not obtained, meaning that they did not reach their war objectives.

This happened until the World War I, where the French aviator Roland Garros attached a weapon to his plane and tested it. This test was successful. But it was not until the aviator Adolphe Pegoud who was also French, finally got recognized as the first one to use this technique in war, when he won 5 victories in combat. Sadly, he died a short time later in an air combat in Germany.

Red Baron

After everything that happened in World War I, the German soldiers still chose to create an aerial war machine called the Red Baron, which had weapons included to attack enemy targets. They created approximately 80 units and said units gave 75 victories in battle to Germany.

In 1915, other countries such as France, UK, and Italy began to take ideas from the Red Baron and to take more into account all about aerial aviation and arsenal.

Attendance between the Two World Wars

During these two wars, small airplanes were created from wood, there were also monoplanes made of aluminum, in addition to the fact that American inventors created the first rotary engine with the help of a Spanish inventor.

Then the first aviation schools were created, where they sought enthusiastic young people, who wanted to learn. They carried out a group training class called barnstormers, which took passengers for a walk between small towns and cities.

Traveling between countries was expensive, which meant that traveling by plane was only available to wealthy people. Traveling from distant countries, from Europe to America for example, were great achievements at that moment.

Countries and geographic locations such as Brazil, Portugal, the United States, Spain, Venezuela, the Caribbean, Australia, England, among many others, were included in the amazing trips of the time.

Great Changes in the Armament

During World War II, there were great advances regarding aerial armament, more updated and stronger aircraft were used by what at that time was a Nazi Germany.

They had aircraft with sophisticated weaponry ahead of the time, like radars, attack bombs, Figueras bombs, and armored glasses, there was also a turbojet plane called Heinkel He 178, which was the first with this system, used in 1939.

The British possessed their Gloster Meteor, a plane with the equal to the Heinkel, but in spite of being pretty good, it still had some flaws in contrast to the German.

One of these defects is that it did not have bomb carriers, so they had to create independent airplanes just for that, like the Arado Ar 234 and the Me 262.

All these situations and advances helped the aviation industry in general, this development would arise commercial aviation and all of its different branches.…