4 Famous Aviators Who Changed History

Throughout human history, there have been people who stand out by achieving great things. The aviation field is not an exception. There have been people who have left a mark in the art of traveling from one place to another.

Nowadays there are many professionals specialized in flying across the world, however, today we will take a look at some of the most famous aviators of history who helped to completely change the world of aviation.

Jean-Francois Pilatre de Rozier and Jacques Étienne Montgolfier

It was first said that there was a Spanish man who managed to fly using artifacts, he was called Eilmer of Malmesbury. It is said that he jumped off a tower in Cordoba, Spain. However, there’s a lack of evidence so this isn’t actually confirmed.

Nevertheless, this achievement is attributed to  Jean-Francois Pilatre de Rozier, from which there’s evidence of him being the first person to make a flight in an aerostatic balloon over Paris in 1783.

He was helped by Jacques Étienne Montgolfier, who helped to design the balloon on which Jean-Francois climbed. It actually was the designer the one who climbed it first, he did it to test the flying but didn’t get very far.

The balloon’s designer died after trying to go through the channel of England with one of his creations. This was the first air accident in the world.

Baron Manfred Von Richthoven

As many experts on history know, this man evolved the world of aviation. He placed weapons on aircraft when placing instruments was never used before in the world of aviation.

This German, who was part of the Nazi flock during World War II, left many contributions to the world of aviation. For example, during the first war, he created a total of 80 aircraft which gave a total of 75 victories to Nazi Germany, all thanks to its strength in the skies.

There’s a mystery around his death, where some people say that he died naturally while others state that he was killed due to all of his history in the war.

Amelia Earhart

She was an American aviator who made a lot of great trips around the world, met many exotic countries and received great prizes such as the gold medal from the National Geographic Society.

She was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic and the first one to travel around the world flying on her plane. However, during this last great adventure, she suffered an accident and died.

She is now remembered as a great woman who accomplished many achievements and gave recognition to females.

Charles Lindbergh

Charles was an American pilot, who is known to be the first man to cross the Atlantic Ocean alone. This made him one of the most important aviators in the history of aviation.

A curious fact about him is that he refused to be part of the team of aviators of the United States in World War II. Another thing he was also known by is the mystery surrounding the disappearance of his son, whom was taken from his home and was never found again.

Thanks to this group of remarkable people, is that the aviation industry has completely changed throughout the years. These kinds of people who achieve great things and make an impact on history teach us that with effort and dedication everything can be possible.